About Knowtech

We are passionate about technology and its ways to contribute to the digital evolution of the financial life of people and companies, bridging both worlds through ever more intelligent, open and transparent processes.

15 years ago, our First Generation was the starting point of a proven track record that carried out more than 40 major software and banking processing projects in more than 10 financial institutions.

It was back in the days of costly and complex legacy platforms along with batch processing, dedicated / private networks, monolithic architecture and extensive time and costs for projects and implementations, enhancements and integrations.

Software and platforms had changed dramatically in those recent years but there was still a lot to be done.

Building on experience, extensive knowledge of the financial industry and best practices acquired over time, our Second Generation has created QBS alongside an outstanding team.

We are different and truly innovative; our talented group is constantly evolving, learning and improving, always loyal to our core values.

The best of both worlds has given rise to our platforms, services and methodology in order to support our clients during their various journey stages of digital transformation, which positions them one step ahead.


The continuous improvement of the quality of our products and innovation are the pillars of our vision and day-to-day work.


To specialize in technology synergistic projects to provide support to organization management. To keep our innovation management team constantly searching for new resources to improve the services we offer regarding corporate knowledge.

Anabel Blando

Co-founder and CFO

Anabel is the co-founder of Knowtech. She has more than 15 years of experience in financial management targeted exclusively at technology companies, in which she has specialized over time.

Her insights enable Knowtech to ensure its financial strategic planning, execution and management of investment plans, both at a regional and international level.

Javier Blando

Co-founder and CEO

As a CEO, Javier has carried forward the company’s growth strategy since its Second Generation, turning it into a strategic partner of its clients while always ensuring quality and an extra touch of innovation in each project.

As well as leading the task force, attracting talents and incorporating his forward-looking approach to financial technology, Javier designs the Knowtech strategy to take it to the next level.

Melina Blando

Co-founder and COO

Melina oversees and manages Knowtech’s daily operations regarding projects, products, platforms, work teams and development.

She has also been the Project Manager of the many recent major challenges of Knowtech and her vision provides planning + methodology, along with the growth and functional expansion strategy of all the solution lines.

Pablo Groberman

Business Development

Pablo coordinates Knowtech’s business plan execution regarding Marketing, Sales and alliances in Latin America.

He has more than 15 years of experience in executive roles in various tech companies and a thorough understanding of the market and the software industry ecosystem in Latin America. He has led business developments and participated as a speaker and coach in different marketing + digital transformation programs and workshops.

Sebastian Peña Mc Gough


Sebastián provides Knowtech with the market vision and institutional relationships.

He is an experienced executive with an extensive career in financial institutions, specialized in international negotiations, strategic planning, financial transactions, organization of the administrative, commercial and operations areas.

He has been the director, executive and controller of various banks in Argentina as well as an investment fund advisor.

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