QBS has been created to make financial services more efficient through the best use of technology. Particularly in emerging markets where legacy or traditional core banking are too slow and costly to adapt or integrate into new channels, without disregarding the ever-rising costs of maintenance and recurring services.
QBS is the platform designed to speed up new and better financial products’ time to market while providing agility and effectiveness.

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We are always on the look-out for our clients and the market.


Boosted Digital Transformation processes in financial services so that our clients become more responsive to an increasingly competitive market.


Our platform has been created from the latest trends in digital banking at a global level. APIs and native Microservices, open and transparent data model, 100% real-time processing.


Regulatory and operational support is provided through sound, simple, real-time, seamless processes and unlimited performance.


Teamwork and development is our hallmark coupled with the application of techniques, design and quality standards appropriate to each aspect.


Our in-depth expertise in the financial services industry is our key driver for its transformation.


Unlimited support to our clients’ business growth and expansion.


We strongly believe that great products arise from people with great values.

Our Solutions

The financial services industry is at a critical point in the face of constant changes and greater regulatory pressures, new and increasingly agile competitors, ever more demanding clients and greater operational risks. QBS is the modern, flexible, modular and agile, 100% native, integrated and open Core processing platform created and developed to tackle all challenging issues regarding banks, fintechs and the financial services industry.

After 30 years of implementing Core Banking solutions with the limitations of traditional solutions, QBS has been designed and created to strike the right balance between deep experience and technology evolution required by banks and fintechs aiming at delivering an effective and efficient answer.

QBS is available on-premise or in private and public cloud models / SaaS. It features a solid base in software engineering and financial sector processes, user intuitive, full web and built with Open Banking standard APIs + Microservices, open data model and with the availability of our own or third-party apps.

QBS Core Banking

It is our world class Core Banking. This integrated platform has been designed to cope with any banking institution’s demands of both front and back office, ranging from high volume and transactional complexity processes to the management of clients and accounts, financial products and their transactions, bank and financial accounting, cost and profitability, risk analysis and compliance with dynamic regulatory requirements, such as Basilea III and International Accounting Standards (IAS).

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QBS Digital Banking

Our Fintechs’ transactional processing platform, flexible and scalable with the full power of a Core Banking but without the costly initial operational requirements. It scales as the business grows while enabling the agile release of new processes in digital channels through a speedy integration of its native or third-party apps by means of agile methodologies with fast concept tests.

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QBS Banking as a service

QBS Banking as a pay-per-use service (Saas), which features scalable infrastructure, high availability and redundancy and all financial industry safety standards provided by Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, is the solution to the transaction processing entirely managed and operated by our staff. It is a full end-to-end solution (platform + human resources for the IT management and operation service), which releases valuable resources from a financial institution for more important tasks while our staff manages cyclic processing, updates due to new regulations, backups, support and business continuity.

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KT Labs

KT Labs has grown out of our constant look into the future, our innovation and new technologies laboratory focuses on the areas of: mobility, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud services. A blend of talent, creativity and agility is present in our new apps:

Open Banking

Increased adoption ratios of new products and faster time-to-market. In addition to being already regulated in some countries, the opening of data and processes through APIs enhances the opening of a bank to new markets, channels and third-party services by substantially increasing its revenues.

Digital Onboarding

The onboarding process, often the first approach with a bank or fintech, is the best chance to make a good first impression on new clients or even resume contact with existing clients so that they can start using new products.

Face & Speaker ID

Widely used in financial processes for identification, verification of transactions, signing of documents and agreements. Our identification and recognition APIs ensure the highest standards required by the financial services industry.

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